Student Note Taking Guidelines

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Note Taker Guidelines and Procedures

The Rehabilitation Act, as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act, requires that Southern Illinois University accommodate students with disabilities. One of the required accommodations may be note takers. The DSS staff reviews disability documentation and determines if note takers are appropriate. DSS provides note takers for students whose disabilities require such assistance.

To request a note taker for a class, sign into the DSS Student Portal to submit accommodation requests and select the note taker accommodation. You will be notified via email when a note taker has been recruited.

Your note taker will upload your class notes through the DSS Student Portal and you will access them there. Once you receive notification that a note taker has been recruited, login to the DSS Student Portal select "Notetaking Services" under the My Accommodations box on the left side of the page to access notes posted by the note taker.

student notetaking guidelines

DSS does not share information about students' disabilities with note takers. Students must make their own arrangements to acquire course notes and materials during absences. If you need an alternative arrangement, including receipt of note taker services without disclosing your identity to a peer, have concerns about your note taker, or how to access your notes, contact your DSS coordinator.

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