How to Become a Note Taker

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Starting Fall 2020, students can sign up via our online portal to register as a note taker. 

Step 1: Register Online 

The first step to becoming a note taker is to register online through the DSS Note Taker Portal. Select "Sign Up as a Note Taker." You will be prompted to enter in your SIU ID and password (the same credentials you use for your SIU email and SalukiNet).

Step 2: Enter schedule

You will need to have your complete schedule printed or open in another window with course information and the course CRNs. 

Step 3: Review note taker contract

Please read your note taker contract carefully, as it outlines important information and your payment information. 

Step 4: Submit registration and wait for matching confirmation email

If you are identified as a "match" for a class, you will receive an email from Disability Support Services to confirm the assignment. 

Step 5: Upload notes to online portal

Once you have received assignments, you may then upload your notes into the DSS Online Note Taker Portal. Please click here for instructions on uploading notes to the portal.