Text Conversion (For Students)

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Text Conversion (For Students)

1. Students are determined eligible to receive Text Conversion Services by a DSS staff member. Students must contact Text Conversion Services at lcare@siu.edu to discuss text format preferences and complete a Text Conversion Format Agreement form.

2. Request accessible textbooks as soon as possible. Considerable lead time is needed to complete the conversion process. Formats such as Braille, Braille music, and tactile formats may require more time to complete.  

Please note that requests will be processed in the order in which they were received.

3. Students can search for books through other sources first to determine if they are already available in alternate formats. Electronic texts are available from free online libraries such as Bookshare, directly from publishers, or other electronic book vendors. Choose      carefully and understand the format when purchasing. Some electronic book formats may not be compatible with all software or technology.

4. Request accessible books from DSS by sending an email to the Coordinator of Assistive Technology Services at: lcare@siu.edu.  The request must include all of the following information for each book:

  • Course & Section
  • Book Title
  • Author
  • ISBN
  • Copyright Year or Edition
  • Format Preference(s)

Please note that required book information posted on SalukiNet is subject to change. To insure that the correct book information is obtained, DSS recommends students contact the appropriate faculty member to verify the required book information.

5. DSS will acquire an alternative format, such as electronic text (e-text), MP3, or Braille, by one of the following methods:

  • Order the alternate format from the publisher or other accessible book repository.
  • If a book is not available from the publisher or repository, DSS will scan and convert books with the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. Books which are converted by DSS will have the binding cut and replaced with a plastic comb binding once the conversion process is complete.


6. Provide proof of purchase and bring books which are to be scanned to DSS. Students may either deliver books, or ship the books directly to DSS. When DSS has ordered from a repository or publisher, students must provide proof-of-purchase of textbooks in order    to receive the accessible copy.

7. Converted books and materials will be delivered to students electronically once the conversion process is complete and proof of purchase has been verified. Scanned and bound books can be picked-up at DSS.

8. Faculty may assign additional reading material such as course packets and articles.  Even though these materials may be provided electronically, it’s best to check whether they are accessible and discuss this with the instructor early in the semester.  Submit    requests for accessible reading materials by e-mail to lcare@siu.edu. Please allow a few days for us to scan and convert articles.

9. Training on how to scan is also provided by request, allowing students the option of scanning their own documents as needed. Students are encouraged to make an appointment with a DSS Text Conversion staff member for this training.