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Test Proctoring Guidelines

The Rehabilitation Act, as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), requires that SIUC accommodate students with disabilities. One of the required accommodations may be adapted testing. Disability Support Services (DSS) staff review disability documentation and determine if adapted testing is appropriate. Faculty decide whether adapted tests are consistent with their pedagogical intent & fundamental course objectives. Faculty may administer tests in their own departments with appropriate accommodations. DSS will consult with faculty to determine necessary and required accommodations.

When tests are administered at DSS, the following rules generally apply. Exceptions may be made on a case by case-specific basis, after individual consideration, when supported by appropriate documentation.


Students should give a copy of their DSS Accommodations Card to faculty members as early in the semester as possible. By doing so they put faculty on notice that they are eligible to use test-proctoring services at DSS.


Students should e-mail, or print out and give the Faculty Testing Authorization Form to faculty in person, 2-3 days prior to testing dates. Faculty should send the Faculty Testing Authorization Form to DSS along with tests – even if tests are faxed or e-mailed. It is the student’s responsibility to check with instructors or DSS to make sure exams have been delivered to DSS.  Proctors at DSS do not check on exams until students arrive to take them.


Students must sign up for exams at least 24 hours in advance. If students fail to sign up in a timely fashion, DSS may not have sufficient staff to administer exams and students may need to reschedule. Faculty must approve re-scheduled dates. Be prepared to show a picture ID to proctors. 


All exams must end at DSS by 4:30 p.m.  Exams scheduled at DSS must be taken on the same day & time as the rest of the class (consistent with DSS hours) unless faculty approves changes. Students' schedules may necessitate approved changes. Students and faculty are to indicate starting times on the Faculty Testing Authorization Form. Students must be on time for exams. If they are late, students must reschedule after contacting faculty. DSS will keep exams locked in the testing file until we hear from students or faculty. 


Proctors observe tests, in person or through e-surveillance, to ensure the basic security and integrity of exams. DSS will proctor the entire time students are testing (except open book/open note exams). Students will be asked to use the restroom and get drinks before exams begin and cannot leave exam rooms unless faculty allow. Proctors may also provide reading/writing assistance, if necessitated by students' documented needs. Sign Language Interpreters may be present when students test in class to relay questions to faculty and responses back to students - they may not translate exams. If students require clarification of test questions, DSS staff will assist them in contacting faculty. If faculty are unavailable, students may submit more than one answer, along with explanations of their actions.


All tests will be returned by Disability Support Services via campus mail, e-mail (as an attachment), or fax, or you may pick up the exam at the Disability Support Services office in Student Health Center 220. If an exam is e-mailed or faxed, DSS staff will confirm receipt and then shred the original.


DSS does not administer take-home tests because students have unrestricted time and DSS has limited resources. Students should utilize the same help they use for homework.


No tests are proctored during breaks. Proctors are students and usually not present during this time.