Psychological or Attentional Disabilities

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Documenting Psychological or Attentional Disabilities

Please see a DSS staff person for individualized assistance in determining whether you have a qualifying disability. This interview with the staff member plays a big part in determining if you have a disability and what accommodations are needed.  You will also need to bring the documentation provided by your health care provider.   A form for them to fill out is here. 

Generally, staff will look for the following in your documentation:

  • Verification of your condition should be made by a qualified treating professional (psychiatrist, psychologist, MSW, etc.
  • We need your diagnosis and how it affects major life functions with or without treatment. We prefer information about the educational impact of your impairment and academic accommodation recommendations.
  • DSM-IV Diagnosis (date of diagnosis and most recent contacts), including the results of assessments used to make the diagnosis.
  • Recommendations for academic accommodations (special testing, note takers, adapted texts, etc.).