Learning Disabilities

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Documenting Learning Disabilities

Please see a DSS staff person for individualized assistance in determining whether you have a qualifying disability. This interview is an important part of the process for determining if a student has a disability and what accommodations are needed.  DSS staff will also need to see documentation of your disability. Generally, staff will look for the following:

  • Tests should be administered by certified/licensed professionals e.g., psychologists, neuropsychologists, educational diagnosticians, etc.
  • The report should address aptitude, academic achievement, and information processing as well as include names, titles, signatures of evaluators, and dates of assessment. Though reports may include recommendations for accommodations the determination of what accommodations are appropriate is done by staff at DSS
Other information that can be helpful includes:
  • A letter from ACT stating the acceptable ACT accommodations for students with disabilities
  • The most recent IEP
  • A Summary of Performance

Come and talk to us even before you apply for admission and bring your documentation with you.  In this way you will know about your eligibility for services and accommodations even before you enroll.  Some services like converting text to an accessible format need to be requested before school begins.