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Faculty are welcome to contact our office at any time with questions regarding implementing accommodations in classroom settings or if general information and guidance is needed. Below are common areas where faculty take an active role in proving accommodations in the classroom.

Faculty Handbook

For an in-depth look at our services, please refer to the Faculty Handbook.


Information for faculty about attendance for students with disabilities can be found here.

Recruit a Note Taker

If faculty notes are not readily available or if more comprehensive notes need to be taken, students may ask faculty to make an announcement in class for a volunteer note taker. Volunteers will receive a stipend and should be directed to our office where we will provide them with carbon copy paper. A copy of the note taker announcement can be found here.

Testing Form

Testing Forms can be found here and are given to faculty by our students 2-3 days before an exam is scheduled. Students are responsible for submitting this form to faculty. Faculty then fill out their information and send it to DSS with the exam. Exams can be e-mailed to DSS at, faxed to 618-453-5700, or hand delivered to Woody Hall B150.

Text Conversion & Accessible Course Materials

Faculty are encouraged to make information regarding their reading assignments available to students months before the start of a new semester. Our students are encouraged to contact their future instructors months in advance in order to get textbook information and other reading materials so that an accessible copy can be given to students by the first day of class. Student guidelines on the textbook conversion process can be found here.