COVID-19 Instructor FAQs

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INSTRUCTOR FAQS—Updated August 2021

Q: How will exam accommodations work? Will DSS proctor online exams?  

  • DSS can provide remote proctoring for online exams. We will require a copy of the exam (or access to the exam in D2L) to use while we read questions to the student.
  • Pre-pandemic, we were able to administer exams even if students had not pre-registered to take an exam in our location. In order to keep our staff and students safe, we will not allow students to take exams unless they have pre-registered.
  • Because our capacity is limited due to social distancing factors for students with chronic illnesses, there could be a need to postpone an exam for a student. We will arrange overflow locations for busy exam dates.
  • Lockdown Browser renders most accessible technology useless, such as screen readers for the blind. Some students may not be able to use D2L independently when taking an exam.

Changes to Alternative Testing Procedure—Effective Fall 2021
DSS has implemented an exam management system to streamline the alternative testing process for faculty and students. The system, which generates the Faculty Notification Letter, is now in use to arrange for alternative testing accommodations.

How to schedule exams
All exams will be scheduled through the portal-if there is a last minute request you will be directed to call the office for approval

  • Quizzes must be scheduled 1 business day in advance
  • Regular class exams must be scheduled at least 2 business days in advance.
  • Midterm exams must be scheduled at least 3 business days in advance
  • Final exams must be scheduled at least 5 business days in advance.

Consider alternative exams arrangements

  • When exam accommodations are cumbersome to arrange, such as a personal reader during a pandemic, consider an alternate assignment which is no more burdensome than studying for an exam. You may require an output, but it should not reflect more work than taking an exam.
  • If you decide to offer alternative means of assessment (e.g. essays, non-timed exams, project work), then a student’s extended time may no longer be applicable.
  • Allow multiple exam attempts if possible. Consider extending the time limit for all students, but remember to extend for disabled students as prescribed by their accommodation letter.

Q: For online instruction, what should I be considering with regards to disability access? How do I best support my students? 

Please keep in mind that some students may encounter disability-related barriers with online instruction or assessment. To make your course content accessible to all, please visit Website and Digital Accessibility and use the Faculty Checklist as a quick reference. 

Communication Access is required

If you have students who are utilizing captioning, DSS proactively notifies all instructors of deaf students to ensure captioning for videos and interpreting/transcribing services for real-time class meetings. Please work as quickly as possible with our deaf services team to provide captioned video content in the same timeframe as you plan to post the video.

Consider the unique experience of disabled students.

  • Recognize that some students with chronic illness, immunity conditions, and similar disabilities may have to be out of school longer if they become ill.  Use professional judgement and flexibility in responding to requests for extensions.
  • Some students on the Autism spectrum may struggle to develop a routine for online coursework and will need extra support. Please refer to the Center for Learning Support Services for tutoring and academic coaching.
  • Synchronous meetings could be difficult for some DSS & Achieve students. Some students with disabilities find online learning daunting, taxing their ability to process and attend to information.
  • Discussion boards can be difficult for some students with disabilities. Consider assignments for points, or allow assignments in lieu of using discussion boards for all possible points.
  • The stressors we all feel will especially tax students with Mental Health conditions and they may experience a worsening of symptoms which will also impact executive functioning.

Q: How do I give students their extended time for online quizzes/exams? 

Contact CTE for instructions on extending time in D2L.