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All documents pertaining to students’ disability are confidential. Disability laws as well as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 support the protection of your private information.

All disability and medical information received by DSS are used only to verify the disability and plan accommodations. Documents are stored electronically and original copies are destroyed.

Disability-related information is only shared on a legitimate need-to-know basis within the university community. Faculty are not informed of the specific disability unless it is necessary to explain accommodations. There must be a compelling reason to disclose such information in order to serve a specific aspect of providing appropriate accommodations. This determination is made by the director of DSS.

DSS does not release disability-related documentation or records to third parties. Students may obtain verification of the accommodations utilized, but be advised that all DSS records are destroyed 5 years after the last date of University enrollment. Please keep copies of any documentation provided to DSS for your own records or obtain copies of documentation from the original source.